Hi, I'm Jamie Swan. I'm a veteran of the bicycle industry since 1970. I was active in bike racing from 1973 until 1987. I was a production wheel builder 1977 - 1990. I owned and operated a small bicycle shop 1990 - 2007. I've been a hobby machinist since I got a degree in mechanical engineering technology in 1977, and I've been involved in buying and selling machine shop equipment.

Today I work part time as a machinist at an engineering college here on Long Island, and I make a bike frame now and then. This web site is kind of a scrap book of some of my bike industry activities, and particularly frame building.

My interest is in building traditionally brazed steel frames, but I can't really call myself a professional frame builder. I built the first one in 1981. As of today I've only built 17 more. Eight have been for myself, and the other ten have been for friends and customers. I generally build about one frame per year.

In spite of my limited production I think that some of my bikes have come out very well. The depth of my experience in the bike industry and metal working have given me the tools to be a more competent bike builder than my 18 frames might suggest. I've spent time working out my methods, and I have a nice shop set up in my garage. I've won awards at shows, and I've even been invited to be a judge a couple of times. I'm friends with a bunch of other frame builders here in the greater NYC area and we enjoy getting together socially and to compare notes.

If you want to know a little more (OK a lot more) about my background in the wonderful world of bicycles please take a look at my History Pages.