Old Scrapbook

L' Eroica 2006

Miniature Dick Power Track Bike

American Society of Metallurgists - announcement for a presentation

In the news:

Urban Velo - article

NAHBS - jury named

Bici ak - interview (scroll down - two parts)

Core77 - video about me as part of a promotion for the Bike Cult show

The Retrogrouch Blog - looks at one of my fork crowns

Prolly is not Probably - review of Harry's bike

Non bicycle stuff:

Building a new frame for a dynamometer

Making some new components for a dynamometer

Stony Brook Museum - review of a talk I gave on old tools

LIMWS - metal working club that I founded

LIATCA - tool collecting club that I'm involved with

Webb Institute - images on Flickr from my day job

SIA - abstract for a talk that I gave at the 2013 Great Falls Symposium