Old Scrapbook

These 10 pages are left over from my old Centerport Cycles web site. They seem to be pretty popular, so I guess I'll leave them up.

Page 7

Bruce "The Torch" Donaghy

Connie Carpenter who won, among other things the first Woman's Olympic Road Race. She beat Rebecca Twigg by a tire. Connie is married to...

Davis Phinney, "on the rivet" at the Oyster Bay Criterium. Davis won an Olympic Bronze Medal, a couple stages in the Tour De France a ton of other stuff.

This is Matt Eaton (in white) and Roy Knickman following a decapitated Eric Heiden.

Lenny Prehiem talking to Eric Heiden (pre-guillotine)

Andy Hampsten and Eric Heiden. Andy won the Giro de Italia among other things.

Leonard Harvey Nitz

Allan McCormick

End - Page 7